SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical drive opening support system for drawers and pull-outs. By combining this feature with BLUMOTION soft close doors, for silent and effortless closing action, we have created new levels of motion quality.

A light touch on the front or a light pull of the handle, and drawers and pull-outs will open as if by themselves. It also doesn’t matter how or where you touch the front. And thanks to BLUMOTION, pull-outs will re-close silently and effortlessly. SERVO-DRIVE now adds ease when it comes to designing kitchens with handle-less fronts.

The basis for SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical drive that triggers the opening signal. By combining this unique feature with the silent and effortless closing action of BLUMOTION we have created a whole new freedom of motion in the kitchen.


With SERVO-DRIVE, the drawer does not have a fixed connection to the drive unit. This enables it to be stopped at any position during the opening process. This also enables it to be closed from any position. There is only one drive unit version for all cabinet widths of 11 inches and higher.


You do not need to make any changes to the pull-out system when upgrading TANDEMBOX with SERVO-DRIVE. Also the smooth running action of the TANDEM roller carriage and the problem-free function of BLUMOTION remain unchanged