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Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized ZONAVITA dealer. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality cabinetry and services, that will help you offer your customers unforgettable experiences.

In addition to and outstanding range of value added products, we do everything in our means to position our dealers to be successful.

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Modern Design

Contemporary-oriented European designs built upon the platform of German engineering and geared for the North American lifestyle, a Zonavita kitchen can fit any pre-existing design throughout the rest of the home.

The style of the design is first and foremost, followed closely by the flow of functionality for each section of the kitchen.

Bright Individuality

Zonavita offers a wide range of colours which reflect modern and unique designs. We take a look at the specific materials and products available on the market, choosing the best of the best.

Up-to-date trends

We always strive to improve upon what we have, to look towards the concise functionality of a European mentality, the flamboyance of German technicality, and the grandiose North American flair.

The clean, intentionally simple designs that fill the larger-than-life kitchens defines Zonavita today.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Zonavita is able to offer 153 unique cabinet styles categorized between our base, tall or medium height, vanity, wall, or wall hood options.



Premium materials

Zonavita’s cabinets are made from a collection of high-quality and prefinished materials sourced from across Europe.

Award-winning Designers

We work with amazing people, who find passion and love in their work. Many of them award winning designers and we are proud to take part in their achievements.

Who can become a Zonavita Dealer?


With a passion for contemporary design and quality products.

Small or Large Companies

Who wants to increase scales of the business with high-level support and represent our brand with integrity

What will you get

Service and customer support

Our experienced and dedicated employees are devoted to offering the best possible customer experience.

Training, an integral part of our success

At Zonavita we are committed to meeting the training needs of our dealers.

High-quality products

European high-quality materials are our dignity.

It’s  time for your company to grow!

Successful projects and satisfied customers.


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