Cashmere Grey Matt

UV Lacquer

Soft Neutral

This practical, elevated color is a beautiful blend of beige and grey. A soft neutral that adapts to a variety of design styles, aligning to current trends favoring warm tones.

Material Specifications

Core Material


Material Specifications

Matte finish

Back side matching colour melamine

Maximum panel size:

• 3/4″ material – 84″ x 108″

• 3/8″ material – 84″ x 108″


Kitchen fronts

• Bathroom furniture

General Cleaning

Routinely clean your cabinets to maintain their pristine finish. Wipe gently with a white, cotton towel. Avoid using microfiber towels with UV Lacquer material. The best-approved cleaner would be dish soap & warm water. (Not dishwasher liquid.) Avoid using cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia, silicone, waxes, polishes, or abrasive additives. Always test cleaners in a small area first. Enjoy your clean Zonavita cabinets for years to come.


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