Tobacco Halifax Oak

Melamine, TFL

A hint of rustic in a modern surface.

The Tobacco Halifax Oak is the darkest colour variant of this series and also fits in the style world Living Nature thanks to the striking knots and cracks. This dark colour is increasingly used as a combination colour for white or light grey and beige tones. Thanks to the XL format, meaning reduced repetition of cracks in the decor image, it can also be used on large surfaces.

Material Specifications

Core Material

Particle Board

Material Specifications


Maximum panel size:

• 3/4″ material – 60″ x 108″

• 5/16″ material – 80″ x 104″

General Cleaning

It’s recommended the use of less aggressive chemicals such as a streak free glass cleaner on a soft cloth.
For deeper textures use a white foam sponge cleaner, such as a Magic Eraser.

Grain Direction

Vertical grain

Notice: The grain in this material might
affect the overall look of your design.

Wood Details



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